Kenny Begins

Kenny Starfighter is probably the worst student the Hero Galaxy Academy has ever had. When Kenny accidentally crash-lands on Earth he bumps into Pontus, a bullied 15-year-old boy who has found a mysterious crystal which has given him super powers. But Rutger Oversmart, the most intelligent man in the Universe, is out to squeeze the powers out of Pontus. Can Kenny Starfighter save a teenage boy’s life?

Directed by: Carl Åstrand & Mats Lindberg
Screenplay: Lars ”Vasa” Johansson, Carl Åstrand & Mats Lindberg
Cinematography: Göran Hallberg
Production Design: Maria Sohlman
Film Editor: Thomas Lagerman
Producer: Patrick Ryborn / Fladenfilm

Cast: Johan Rheborg, Bill Skarsgård, Carla Abrahamsen, Jan Myrbrand.

Shot on RED, 1:1,85